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Resort areas Protaras and Pernera: the description, sights, beaches and how the tourists can go to the country house or hotel from the airport.



The resort areas Protaras and Pernera provide the best beach rest

The tourist area Protaras is in a trend now and it has also headed again the charts as one of the best tourist direction in Europe. The beautiful sandy beach “Fig Tree Bay” is a standard and the center of beach rest of Protaras, where tourists can swim for a while in the sea, do water sports or have a rest in the sun.

Pernera is situated nearby Protoras and is smaller than it. The tourists can visit gold sandy beaches and picturesque harbors. It is ideally suitable place to walk along the coast or to take the yacht in the evening become the witness one of many magnificent sunsets of Cyprus.

So, we go to Protaras, where you can see the best beach coast of the southern part of the island. The families with children like to be here. The sandy beaches, which adjoining to rocks and bays, keep secrets of antiquity and Orthodoxy.

Protaras and Pernera - "is pure" resort areas

Protaras and Pernera are areas with an excellent air quality and the beach coastline. There are no industrial factories, big ports or and intense highways. Belonging to Paralimni's community that in the diocese of Famagusta, these resorts began to be formed only 40 years ago. The reason was the loss of the tourist Mecca of Cyprus – Famagusta, which had been occupied by Turkey. Earlier Protaras and Pernera were especially agricultural areas and today partly kept the agrarian status. You can see the blossoming gardens and fields with potatoes in the center of a tourist area.

What can you see in Protaras and Pernera?

If you like the sea, you can make a yacht trip to Capo Greko and dive into beautiful aquamarine water. It is very romantic place, because Capo Greco is located away from the resort, on a southeast part of the island, on the way from Protaras to Agia Napa.

There is the pearl of national park of Kavo Greco - Agioi Anargyroi Chapel. Don't walk by a snow-white building with a celestial-blue roof on the seashore. If you take the good camera with you, you will not leave this place without dozen of excellent pictures.

For full immersion in the atmosphere of centuries-old history you should visit Church of Profitis Ilias, which fantastically looks at hill top when the sun sits down at the horizon. Just try to think about something important and tie a ribbon on "A tree of desires" which grows near the church. Enjoy the panoramic view on Protaras opening directly from the hill 115 meters high above the sea level.

Where can you spend the evening and what places you should visit in Protaras and Pernere

The tourist areas Protaras and Pernera stretched a long narrow strip on the southeast coast of Cyprus with numerous hotels, country houses and shops. These two resorts are closely connected with each other by a tape of restaurants, bars and taverns with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The area is proud by the choice of the best restaurants on the southeast coast of Cyprus. It’s a very popular and comfortable vacation spot for families with children. The best place for hanging around by all family is the show The Magic Dancing Waters in Protaras's center.

What is necessary to do in Protaras

The minimal program can look so:

  • to visit Church of the Profitis Ilias and to tie ribbons on a tree and to make a wish;
  • to enjoy the remarkable views of the coast and see Famagusta;
  • to visit Saint Nikolay's Church;
  • to see the show The Magic Dancing Waters;
  • to take an excursion and to go to the sea walk along caves of the Capo Greco;
  • to go to the Protaras Ocean Aquarium with a collection of the Mediterranean living creatures and a minizoo;
  • to visit beaches Fig Tree Bay and Konnos.

How to go to Protaras and Pernera

Protaras and Pernera have convenient location and it is easy to go there. From the airport in Larnaca where the majority of flights arrive, you can reach this resort less than for an hour.

By taxi. It is possible to reach Protaras and Pernera by taxi from the airport of Larnaca. You arrive in the airport, go passport control and in the arrival hall will be met by the driver. You will be brought in time to the address, which is in the order. Such trip by taxi costs about 55 - 60 euros. If you want to order a taxi, please, click here.

By bus. You can choose a group transfer which carries tourists to the hotel. Trip costs from 15 euros. You can order here. Or you can go Intercity Buses from Larnaca. The route is Larnaca (Finikudes) - Agia Napa - Paralimni. The cost of a trip is 4 euros.

By rental car. Take the rental car and go to the hotel by car. You can order it in advance and the car will be brought to the airport. On the A3 highway you will reach Protaras and Pernera without efforts. You can choose a car here or here.

Where can you stay in Protaras and Pernere

The tourist areas Protaras and Pernera are considered to be the best in Cyprus for family and relaxing holiday. You can find hotels and apartments for every taste and purse. In summer it’s better to book rooms as soon as possible (at least in two or three months).

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